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Explore in-depth information relating to the Odoo ERP solutions we have to offer.  

All Odoo applications are fully integrated with all data stored in a single central database, giving you better visibility and control over every aspect of your business.

Website Apps


One solution for all your internet customers B2B & B2C.  It is business ready, with:

  • Live Chat - for visitor contact.
  • Multi-lingual - for you to extend your reach. 
  • Engineered for SEO - we handle the magic for you!
  • With our web builder, you can create a smart, professional and user-friendly website with pre-set themes and web building blocks.  We will show you how to use it, and you have a professional web presence instantly.
  • e-commerce is part of Odoo - just add the module, and this works directly with your website with every transaction going into Sales/Accounting and Inventory Apps - no integration or management needed.

With Odoo, your company (or companies) will have a great web presence, quickly and cost-effectively.  We integrate with Magento, Shopify, WordPress etc, but from Version 15 - Odoo Enterprise knocks spots off the market leaders because it is so good!


Promote and sell your products and services to businesses and consumers alike, easily, securely and quickly.  Safe in the knowledge that you are in control of prices, inventory, images from your online shop window and the business processes behind it.

Great access to all of your product variants and attributes.  With a little help from Calibrate, your clients can even personalise your products to meet their exact requirements. 

If you want to have private portals for individual clients or groups, with pricing not available in the public domain -  Odoo provides the solution as standard.

​​​​❮ Blog

Stay in the minds of your customers, partners and followers with a dedicated area of the Odoo Website.  You can share interesting topics on your business, your people, your sector, and relevant trends.

Your communications will make your clients and audiences think of you when the time is right for them.  Blogging is a great reminder of who you are and what you do.

Man writing on a tablet
man watching an educational video on a laptop


Odoo Learning Management System enables community learning, knowledge sharing, and inspiring others.  Great for employees, partners, customers and more to learn and grow. 

Use videos, presentations and documents that are viewable on any web-enabled device.  Engage students and show their progress with assessments and certifications. 

Meaningful learning experiences lead to increased attention and focus, higher levels of critical thinking and more productivity!

​​​​​​​​​​​​❮ Live Chat 

Chat online and deliver support in real-time to customers and visitors on your website.

Everything is in Odoo, the chat, the website, and the knowledge that you share with visitors when they ask questions of you.  

Answer more quickly with templates of pre-written answers to common questions or create customisable answers.  Improve service levels and convert more leads into customers with this real-time support.  


Give your visitors the information they need.

Better than a helpline or a FAQ section, a forum will allow your customers to ask questions and find answers quickly, without wasting time on the phone, saving you money! 

It's the most powerful database you can find.  Your employees and your whole community will take part! 

Sales Apps

Odoo CRM interface

 CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

This is a very flexible customer relationship management solution, which offers exactly the same automation as HubSpot, Sales Force etc. for a fraction of the cost with the option to integrate with your current CRM system.  Our clients have, in the main, tidied up their data, and simply uploaded it to Odoo CRM - It registers Leads or, you can go straight to Opportunities. 

Name the stages of your sales cycle as you wish.  And when new business is won simply generate a sales order, which triggers the requisite Projects and Procurement activities for automatic approval.

Get rid of salespeople's spreadsheets - they are not worth the time, effort or fact-filtering - instead, use our sophisticated CRM for your opportunities.  Track leads - close opportunities and receive accurate forecasts.


Create polished quotations with Odoo Sign and online payment.  Use quotation templates in Odoo and email them to your clients.  Forget Outlook and Word - it is all here.   

With all of the alerts, options, upselling, and price lists per group or even by customer.  When you win you simply process the quotation as a sales order, with any changes required.  Generate the invoice in line with your agreed engagement terms - add any line discounts.

Full dashboard insight and reporting on results, trends, performance and more.  Your sales can be linked to the Projects, Inventory, Purchasing, and Accounts Apps instantly - all the administration is done automatically to your procedures.

Odoo sales quotation

​​​​❮ Invoicing

Turn your sales quotations into invoices automatically so that your customer knows exactly what to expect.

Manage contracts, create recurring invoices, bill timesheets, and get paid faster.

What takes time in the invoicing process is answering customer queries and being able to quickly justify the amount you are billing.  In Odoo, you bill on the sales orders, delivery notifications or detailed time and materials - saving you valuable time and resources.

​​​​❮ Retail with ePos 

User-friendly point of sale - set up in minutes, sell in seconds.  The Calibrate team has implemented several Odoo retail solutions for customers.  Some are integrated with Magento, Shopify or similar, but now most are purely Odoo.  We provide integrated payment terminals, tills, and tablets, and offer full training to all staff. 

There is a real-time stock reservation, and delivery is automatically triggered with many couriers or with your own delivery service.  Because everything is in one system, the accounting, inventory, purchasing and works orders are all automatically aligned.

❮​​​​ Sign

The Odoo Sign App is a fast and convenient way to add proven authorisation to internal and external processes.

You can prepare contracts by dragging and dropping blocks to be agreed upon and completed by the engaging parties. 

Submit signature requests in seconds, without all the inefficiencies, waste and time consumption of paper-based methods, or likewise when swapping data into a third-party app.  Simplify your processes and boost productivity easily.


While you are delivering services and results to your customers and gaining new business, Odoo Subscriptions looks after recurring sales and subscriptions behind the scenes, and you are reminded in advance when your client's subscription is due for renewal.  Giving plenty of time to secure the sale.   

Provide clear contracts and the perfect automated invoices with no need to worry about repetitive administration - just set it up, with amounts, taxes, payment preferences and duration while the rest is done for you. 


Rental allows you to keep an eye on the availability of your products and serial numbers.  When you need to do checks on quality, keep them unavailable in-between two rentals with padding time.

Create your rental order, schedule, deliver, return, and invoice from one single view.  Get all the information you need directly on the rental module.

Keep a calendar of availability and provide customers with clear rental invoices.

Field Service with Dynamic User Integration

Managing remote workers has its challenges.  Sometimes the best workers in the field are the worst with administration - which can cause huge headaches with central control, the accuracy of billing, and managing who has which tools and what stock. 

Critical activities like customer job sheet sign-off, recording photos of damage and repair jobs or having access to key data, all need to be quick and easy.  Odoo does all of this through many different mobile devices and locations, connecting online and offline

Operations Apps

❮​​​​ Accounting

Odoo accounting integrates all of your operational transactions, purchasing, subscriptions, sales invoices, inventory, and expenses into one financial window of your business.   From a managerial perspective, everything is visible on a real-time basis through dashboards.   

From a detailed accounting perspective - Accounting gives you tight visibility and control over every aspect of the business.     

Odoo has its own incumbent spreadsheet functionality - providing a real-time view of performance data.  And it works directly with Sign so you know when contracts/sales have been approved. 

Synchronisation and reconciliation with banks are easily set up, taking the slog out of finance, and allowing you to focus on reporting the company position.

❮​​​​ Consolidation

You can combine financial information from all of your group companies and generate a consolidated reporting pack for the Board.  

You can speed up the financial close, and look at historic information and trends.  Analyse the net effect of exchange rate fluctuation across your entities and add multiple columns to your reports with no GL impact.  Bring in data from other financial systems to your consolidated accounting and reporting.


Whether you are running a small business, are a freelance professional, a manufacturer, or a business service company, you need to know what your costs are and what you should be charging clients for your services.  Otherwise, it can be a guessing game and potentially cost you! 

You and your team can be anywhere, and you can log time with the Odoo web-enabled device.  You will get real-time analysis of team and company productivity - anywhere!

Project & Job Management

Odoo Projects gives you a central hub for projects, jobs and contracts.  It can be one that you are delivering for your clients or an internal project.  You configure the stages, tasks and activities; schedule actions; set triggers and alerts; analyse actual performance against targets.  

You link all of the documents, drawings, plans, meetings and communication in one place.  Odoo gives you project accounting and dynamic visibility.  You send internal notes and external notes to all or select members of the team - they see it in their Outlook or g-mail. 

When questions arise - you have one place to look for the answer - no more scrolling through endless emails.

Help Desk

Business-to-business ongoing customer success is key to the profitability and growth of your company.  Odoo Helpdesk gives you and your customers the tools to serve their needs.  What's more, you can tightly analyse finances around delivery - by the client, by group, or by service type.  You can easily report on your team's performance against service level agreements.

Calibrate is a small service provider.  Our customers benefit from using the Helpdesk.  We also use it internally when we need help from each other.

 A useful bi-product is a handy knowledge base - so you don’t have to raise a ticket next time, and you learn from others.  An agile helpline for great customer service.

Inventory Management

Maximise your warehouse efficiency with ease.  Inventory management can start with the very basics, around location and quantity - then grow to cover the more advanced functions such as:

  • Barcoding & QR Codes
  • Serial Numbers
  • Full Traceability
  • Multi-warehousing
  • Drop-Shipping
  • Cross Docking

All are fully integrated with Sales, Purchasing and Accounting, making those inventory woes vanish!

❮​​​​ Purchasing

Improve your purchase and inventory performance with procurement rules depending on stock levels, logistic rules, sales orders, forecast manufacturing orders, and more.  Select different replenishment methods for each product depending on your manufacturing and delivery strategies.

Invoice scanning and transaction matching are standard.  The AI engine makes suggestions when information is incomplete. 

Quickly analyse suppliers' performance based on history, select your preferred (recommended) supplier and place the order - or set triggers in Inventory to place orders or request quotations based on demand and minimum stock levels.

❮​​​​ Document Management

Full document management solution with built-in features like spreadsheets, word and more - easily create and share documents internally and externally. 

Team collaboration, great controls and automation make working life that little bit easier.  Generate vendor bills easily from scanned documents or vendor emails. 

You don't need to invest in separate Document Management Systems or use SharePoint to control secure collaboration - it is all here, for you to streamline and go paperless. 

Odoo documents interface

Manufacturing Apps


The Calibrate team has been implementing manufacturing solutions for several decades.  From this experience, we know what works well and what doesn't.  With Odoo, the combination of configurable functionality and ease of use is unsurmountable.

The controlled flexibility of variants on the Bill of Materials; the very clear time-recording job clock; access to drawings; easy shop floor data collection; and real-time communications - make for effective management of the shop floor.  

We love demonstrating Odoo Manufacturing - and there are so many ways different companies want to do similar things - so we always have a detailed manufacturing discovery session, first to find out how you do what you do - then to deliver!

PLM (Product Lifecycle Management)

Engineering change control can be a big overhead or considerable oversight.  Communication is the key to efficiency, and the visibility of changes makes us all compliant and more productive.  

Odoo PLM helps you to communicate more effectively across departments.  Everyone follows only what they need.  Approvals are simple and discussions on documents are centralised and collaborative, making changes easily understood, auditable and controlled.


Look after your assets with preventative, scheduled maintenance.  Your IT equipment, your plant and your machinery all have automatically calculated the time between failures, based on asset history. 

You also have a central place for emergency fix requests and general repairs - allocated to the right level of expertise, slotted into a maintenance calendar, and, of course, connected to inventory, purchase and accounting, providing a fully rounded business function.

Extend the life of your assets - save money and increase productivity. 


Manage quality requests with a great user interface.  

You won't see the smile on your customer's face when you get it right.  But you will hear all about it when you get something even slightly wrong - and it costs!

Odoo helps you to implement quality control plans to trigger checks at the beginning and end of your processes.  If you are checking in or checking out - it's got to be perfect.

Manage and track production part approval process (PPAP) submissions.  Configure your statistical process control (SPC).  Attach process failure mode and effects analysis (PFMEA) documents to routings.


If you ever need to repair the products you have manufactured, stocked or sold, you need to account for this activity in your business.  The Odoo Repair App manages the complete after-sales process and allows you to manage your repair process efficiently.

If it is part of what you do, join it up with all the other things you do with Odoo for a well-rounded solution.

Fleet Management

Manage your vehicles, contracts and costs, insurance and more.  Linked with people, expenses, projects and easy-to-record related activity such as renewal, expenses and fuel logs.

Dashboard reporting gives you the whole picture, which makes exceptions easy to spot and the whole process much easier.

Marketing Apps

Marketing Automation

Enable an integrated approach to generating, nurturing and converting leads into customers - with a tool that goes beyond marketing. 

Segment your target market into a manageable prospect database.  Deliver the right message to the right person at the right time.  

Set up advanced marketing workflows that focus on your prospects - manage them through the pipeline, nurturing their interest, so that when the timing is right, they will come to you.  In the meantime, you continue to deliver the right content, at the right time with an effective end-to-end customer journey

Email Marketing

Odoo makes email marketing easy - design emails with just a few drags and drops.  Craft successful and targeted email campaigns that resonate with your prospects

Accurate, real-time statistics on every email with open rate, bounce rate and click-through information that allows you to track leads, orders and revenue created improving your overall marketing strategy.  

Fully integrated with your CRM, Marketing Automation, Events and more.  Follow your opportunities through Odoo CRM and analyse the conversation rate, the expected revenue and the generated revenue of each campaign.

Social Marketing

Plan, monitor, and analyse your social media accounts in one place, find new customers and keep users engaged with exciting content and company updates - all in the Social Marketing App. 

Being present on social media is a business must  - it increases awareness, connects you with your customers, and boosts leads - and ultimately profits.  It can also be a great provide customer support tool and help broadcast important company news and messages. 

SMS Marketing

A powerful SMS marketing tool delivering your campaigns instantly - a text message is four times more likely to be read than an email.  Even the best email campaigns can sit unopened in many inboxes, and for a long time, SMSs arrive directly in your contacts' pockets.

Segment your target audience and schedule your campaign in advance, then let Odoo handle the rest for you.  The cost per SMS is currently 5p per message, and you can buy credits in Odoo. 

Odoo SMS marketing interface


An all-in-one event management platform covering all aspects of event palling from organisation to ticket sales and promotion.

Easily coordinate event content such as organising speakers, inviting guests and more witfull visibility at each stage of the process.  Plus you can automate the registration and payment process - making online ticket selling a breeze!

Increase visibility and attract more attendees with SEO and promotional tools all from the Events App - fully integrated with Website, CRM, Social and Email Marketing to increase visibility and attention for your events whether on-site or online.


Online Appointments are made easy allowing you to manage meetings online and automate your scheduling process

A self-service booking system that works online 24/7 letting your clients schedule appointments for themselves at their convenience (even outside business hours!) straight into your calendar. Embed your meeting links on your website, in your email signature, or through social media and watch your schedule fill up effortlessly.


Odoo has a simple and intuitive survey module from design to analysis.  Gathering information and valuable feedback is no longer a time-consuming task for marketers and customer service teams.

There are great design tools for you to share and then collect data.  You have built-in result charts to analyse in real-time.  You can hold live sessions with automatic feedback - often used in webinars and presentations.

With the results, you have evidence for your actions to move the business forward in the right direction.

Human Resource Apps


Oversee all important employee information for each department at a glance with our all-in-one solution.

Restrict visibility of sensitive information to just HR managers, or make other information public for all employees to see such as the employee directory.  Receive alerts for any new leave requests, allocation requests, applications, appraisals, and more. 

Simplified tracking for employee vacation and sick days.  Employees enter their requests, such as time off ect, managers can then approve or refuse requests, notifications are sent and calendars are automatically updated.  Employees can also easily submit and justify expenses,  and once approved these are immediately updated in Odoo Accounting.  These are just some of the HR headaches Odoo takes care of for you.

Odoo recruitment interface


For small companies, with limited HR experience, recruitment can be random and ad-hoc, which is great if you get lucky, and expensive if you get it wrong.  From sourcing to contract, handle your recruitment process with ease.  

Standardise the process, automate it and make it repeatable.  Odoo gives you a job board, promotes your job listings and easily keeps track of applications.  Follow applicants and build a database of submitted applications with indexed documents.

Use reports to compare the performance of postings you have made on different external job boards and easily change your strategy and recruitment plan based on results.  Keep it internal, simple and professional. 


Boost recruitment with a fun referral program.  Share open job positions and let employees refer people for positions with an intuitive tool.  The job board allows you to share everything about each open position.  Whether for a friend, family member, or old colleague, employees can share jobs by email or through social networks. 

Employees collect points each time a referral progresses in the recruitment pipeline and get rewarded in return whether that be with gifts or incentives.  A great way to boost employee morale.  

Time Off

Manage employee holidays and absences with our Leave management tool.  Keep track of the vacation days taken by each employee.  Employees enter their requests and managers approve and validate them, all in just a few clicks.

Managers get a view of their whole team leaves in one complete view. Whatsmore you can create reports in a single click for every leave request, with a detail per request type, employee, department and even for the whole company.  Get statistics on the leave and plan ahead ensuring you keep productivity at its highest level.


Keeping track of expenses by email, spreadsheets, and paper receipts is a significant headache.  Expenses make it easy.

Managing your employees' daily expenses has never been easier. Whether it's travel expenses, office supplies, or any other employee expenditure, access all receipts and expense submissions from your Expenses dashboard and create, validate, or refuse them in just a click.  And employees can even upload expenses on the go simply by taking pictures of receipts on their phones. 

No need to download specialised software to maintain expense records - everything can be done directly through the Expense app!

Management can easily follow expense records across the entire team to keep an eye on costs and ensure they keep on target and within budget.


From a small business service to a large-scale facilities management company - planning your jobs and people together is a challenge. 

With Odoo Planning, it all starts with an advanced and well-designed chart that gives you a clear picture of what is coming up and who is available to do the work.  You can modify assignments and shifts.  

You can schedule and forecast projects, and look at the impact a new job will have on your resources, and when it should slot it around current commitments.  No business can be at its best without proper planning in place. 


Retaining the right staff helps in the success of your business.  Odoo Appraisals helps you to maintain motivation levels with periodic checks on your team members.  

Create your own surveys, or amend the existing templates, and automate the results.  Evaluations can be top-down, bottom up and self-evaluation.  A great tool that helps you not forget the importance of your people in the day-to-day running of your business.

Set up a periodical employee evaluation system easily and strengthen your company's key asset: employees!

❮​​​​​​ Fleet

Manage your vehicles, contracts, costs, insurance and assignments without pain.  With Odoo's smart app, you have visibility on your fleet in a few clicks.  You won't need any specialized tracking system for company vehicles - with Odoo's smart app, you can keep a close eye on your fleet in a few simple clicks. 

Manage everything through our user-friendly administrative system - fuel log entries, costs and many other features necessary for the management of your company's vehicles.

Identify and trace the money spent by your company for each of the fleet vehicles. Recurring costs of your contracts such as leasing and services contracts are automatically added to your accounting at the beginning of each period of the frequency specified in the contracts, while all other costs like fuel and repairs are automatically added to reporting making fleet management a breeze.


Easily manage your employees' requests  - Odoo is great for mapping out your workflows and triggering tasks and actions.  To ensure that the correct process controls are in place, Odoo has an approvals app that allows you to manage authorisation at many levels, with multiple approvers where appropriate. 

The management of your requests is made easy; travel, office supplies, payments, and  all request submissions can be created, validated, or declined in seconds from your approval dashboard.

Integration Apps

Integration with Amazon

If Amazon is one of your key sales channels, then automating with Odoo Sales, Inventory, delivery, and even your manufacturing is easily integrated

It is a standard connector, so it is cost-effective, though you will need some additional services that we would be happy to help you with to ensure a smooth process. 

Integration with eBay

If your business model integrates with eBay then Calibrate can help you. 

It is a valued sales channel for many of our clients, and we can quickly and efficiently map your Odoo operations into eBay.

Integration with 3rd Party Services

We are strong advocates of doing as much as possible within your central ERP solution, however, we respect our customer's needs to stick with their incumbent solutions.  With e-commerce, EDI and bespoke systems, the Calibrate team has a wealth of experience in;

  • complex EDI transactions between large retail, wholesale and production companies
  • Integrations with 3rd party logistics companies, such as DPD
  • Shopify
  • Magento
  • Royal Mail 'Click and Drop'
  • Big Commerce
  • SalesForce
  • HubSpot

And many more - if we can help with an integration enquiry, please get in touch today!

Ready to learn more?

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