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If you choose us as your business partner, we invest our time in making our solutions work for you...Our customers appreciate the value of us knowing their business processes intimately. They work with us to automate their processes and the only way we can do this successfully is to understand how our clients work. 

Scoping   Configuration   User Acceptance Testing

Go-Live Preparation    Go-Live Support    

Ongoing Support   Customisation   Changes  


We document processes and map relationships.   If we don’t understand it, we ask why it happens – where it goes and what is it for?

Clients explain what is behind their operations and relate these to their current IT systems. Sometimes, they adapt to an easier way of doing things.  When all is clear, we provide a Project Definition Document and configure Odoo to address the requirements.

Odoo Enterprise is so widely and deeply functional, that we deliver everything out of the box for the initial phase.

We can advise, implement and deliver the solution - no problem.


Extensive experience of business operations, combined with a deep knowledge of the capabilities of Odoo - Together, we map your workflows into Odoo.

We train key users in how to use the configuration specified.  It is a very collaborative exercise, conducted mainly remotely.  This reduces cost and enables Odoo training in bite-sized sessions.

From here we strongly recommend that you work with Odoo for 6 months after Go-Live-Date.  We sometimes recommend phases: starting off with the elements you are 100% clear on; followed by elements where a greater knowledge of Odoo will help determine the best route forward.

Together, we approach the project in a way that you can manage with minimal disruption.

User Acceptance Testing

When the configuration is complete, Calibrate will provide you with UAT scripts – which you must complete successfully, before Go-Live.  This is a clear, documented process, and we are here to help every step of the way.

When UAT is complete we Go-Live.

We often record a ‘soup-to-nuts’ video of the use of Odoo.   It can be a useful point of reference, and a way of speeding up the induction of new people to your processes

Go-Live Preparation

There are many considerations prior to Go-Live such as: 

  • Company Schedule - The availability of key staff and management.
  • Key Financial Dates - Account periods, legder dates, opening balances and more. 
  • Minimal Disruption - We analyse and plan around your day-to-day, sales and productions peaks. 
  • Data Transfer - What must be completed from other systems beforehand. 
  • Integration - A complete move or integration with your current email system and your IT infrastructure.

Go-Live Support

Go-Live,  is when you will need us the most.  You will have one or two members of our team on-site to support you through the transition to Odoo Enterprise.

We will provide the hosting through our specialised Odoo Hosting partners.  This includes set-up, security, back-up, restore and administration.

You will have testing and demo sites – dedicated to your company.

We do everything in Odoo.

Ongoing Support

We use the Odoo Helpdesk module for you to raise tickets on any issues that arise when using Odoo – we agree to service levels based on the severity of the ticket. 

During working hours, we have a response time of one-hour which we look to resolve as soon as possible.  

Odoo Customisation

Where customisation to the standard Odoo is necessary, our customers find the service is much quicker and cheaper than other leading ERP solutions.

Our functional consultants understand the requirement and provide the customer with a process document and detailed description of how this looks in Odoo.  Whether big or small, we work with our developers to ensure the project is fully scoped and implemented to your business needs.


If something changes within your business, or if additional work is required, then we raise a change request to improve your Odoo experience.  

But by this stage, we already know your business inside out, meaning additional changes will be quick and with minimal disruption to your day-to-day operations.

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