Our Shiny New Digs

❮      Author: Sophie Scott            Published: 29/08/2023 

We are excited to enter a new phase in the growth of Calibrate as we open our new office in Strathmore House, East Kilbride, automating our client business processes with Odoo ERP services.

From our new offices, we are connecting with more and more local companies as we grow our software services business with huge amounts of help from the EK Collective

We started the business to help customers develop and grow with Odoo, the blossoming global ERP solution - which does pretty much everything a company needs for as little as £17 per user per month.  We want to help businesses develop and grow with expertise in the successful integration and implementation of Odoo. 

The  EK Collective is helping us to scale Calibrate  through collaborative networking forums, introductions to business services, and administering our workspace as we grow from desk to office to bigger office – all at the same very handy and central address.

Calibrate Managing Director, Andy Scott, comments:- “After years working from home, I joined the EK Collective, originally just so I had a business address that wasn't my home address!  I visited from time to time and as we got busy in Nov/Dec last year - I didn't come in at all.  Fiona (Business Development Manager, EK Collective) called me and said she would credit invoices for this period as I didn't use the facilities.

“With two new hires and a few new customers earlier this year - we moved from the managed service hot desking to having our own studio office.  

“Working in an office again is so much more productive and greater for team building and developing people (including me!) – plus, I keep the same address.

“Onwards and upwards with Odoo from Calibrate - we are scaling with so much support from EK Collective - thank you.”

We love our shiny new digs and can’t wait to welcome new and existing customers to Strathmore House, 103 Cornwall St, East Kilbride, G74 1LF.

If you would like an on-site or online demonstration of Odoo Enterprise, please get in touch with our team today, and discover why Odoo is by far the fastest-growing solution for SME businesses.

Learn more about Calibrate here.  

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