Odoo for Manufacturing

Whether process manufacturing, or mixed-mode manufacturing, Odoo's flexibility and scalability make it a suitable choice for managing your manufacturing operations efficiently.  It provides the tools needed to optimise production processes, reduce costs, and improve product quality.  You can also customise Odoo manufacturing to your specific business needs...

Bill of Materials (BOM) Management:  Odoo allows you to create and manage Bill of Materials for all of your manufactured products.

Work Orders:  You can generate work orders directly from your BOMs.  Work orders can specify the production tasks, including materials and labour required, and they can be used to schedule and track the production process.

Manufacturing Orders:  Manufacturing orders in Odoo help you plan and manage the production process.  They include information about the products to be manufactured, quantities, due dates, and more.

Routing and Routing Sequences:   Odoo supports the creation of routing sequences, which define the sequence of operations or work centres that a product must go through during production.  This helps optimise the manufacturing process.

Inventory Management:  Odoo's inventory management module integrates seamlessly with manufacturing.  You can track raw materials, work-in-progress (WIP), and finished goods inventory in real-time.

Quality Control:  Ensure product quality by defining quality control points and checks within the manufacturing process.  Odoo can track inspection results and generate quality control reports.

Traceability:  Odoo offers batch and serial number tracking, allowing you to trace products throughout the production process.  This is crucial for industries with strict regulatory requirements or for managing product recalls.

Capacity Planning:  Plan and manage your manufacturing resources efficiently.  Odoo provides tools for capacity planning, ensuring that work centres are not over or underutilised.

Resource Management:  Define and manage work centres, machines, and human resources involved in the manufacturing process.  Assign tasks to specific work centres and monitor their efficiency.

Maintenance Management:  Schedule and track equipment maintenance to minimise downtime and ensure optimal performance of your manufacturing machinery.

Product Costing:  Calculate the cost of manufactured products accurately by factoring in raw material costs, labour, overhead, and other expenses effectively.

Integration with Other Modules:  Odoo seamlessly integrates with other modules such as sales, inventory, procurement, and accounting, providing a complete view of your business operations.

Real-time Reporting and Analytics:  Gain insights into your manufacturing performance through real-time reports and analytics.  Odoo's reporting tools allow you to track key performance indicators (KPIs) and make data-driven decisions.

Mobile Access:  Use Odoo's mobile apps to access production information, monitor progress, and make decisions while on the shop floor.

Customisation:  Odoo's modular and open-source nature enables you to customise the system to match your specific manufacturing processes and requirements.

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