Odoo for Hospitality

Implementing Odoo for hospitality can enhance operational efficiency, improve guest satisfaction, and enable data-driven decision-making.  It offers an integrated platform to manage various aspects of your hospitality business, from guest reservations and room management to restaurant operations and financials...

woman in gray long sleeve shirt standing near brown wooden chairFront Office Management:

  • Reservations:  Manage room reservations efficiently, including tracking room availability, booking confirmation, and reservation changes.
  • Check-In and Check-Out:  Streamline the check-in and check-out processes for guests, and handle billing and invoicing.
  • Guest Profiles:  Maintain detailed guest profiles with preferences and historical data to provide personalised services.

Housekeeping Management:

  • Room Assignment:  Assign rooms to guests and track room status, ensuring rooms are cleaned and prepared for new arrivals.
  • Maintenance Requests:  Handle guest requests for room maintenance and repairs.

Restaurant Management:

  • Table Reservations:  Manage restaurant reservations, allocate tables, and optimise table turnover.
  • Menu Management:  Create and update menus, including pricing and item availability.
  • Order Management:  Streamline the order-taking process, including order modification and special requests.
  • Inventory Control:  Track restaurant inventory, manage stock levels, and automate reordering of ingredients.
  • Billing and POS Integration:  Integrate point-of-sale (POS) systems for efficient billing and payment processing.

Back Office Operations:

  • Accounting and Financials:  Manage financial transactions, including invoicing, accounts receivable, and accounts payable.
  • HR and Payroll:  Handle employee management, payroll processing, and HR-related tasks.
  • Procurement:  Automate purchasing processes for supplies and ingredients.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM):

  • Guest Engagement:  Use CRM features to maintain guest profiles, capture preferences, and send personalised offers and promotions.
  • Feedback Management:  Collect and analyse guest feedback to improve service quality.

Inventory and Supply Chain Management:

  • Inventory Control:  Manage inventory levels for food, beverages, linens, and other supplies to prevent stockouts and reduce wastage.
  • Supplier Management:  Maintain supplier relationships, handle purchase orders, and track deliveries.

Reporting and Analytics:

  • Performance Metrics:  Generate reports and dashboards to monitor hotel and restaurant performance, such as occupancy rates, revenue, and customer satisfaction.

Multi-Property Support:

  • If you operate multiple hotels or restaurants, Odoo can handle multi-property management, allowing you to centralise operations and access consolidated data.


  • Odoo can be integrated with various third-party systems, including channel managers, online booking platforms, and payment gateways, to streamline online reservations and payment processing.

Mobile Access:

  • Utilise Odoo's mobile apps to manage hospitality operations on the go, such as checking reservations, monitoring guest requests, and accessing real-time reports.

Customisation and Scalability:

  • Customise Odoo to meet the specific needs of your hospitality business, whether it's a boutique hotel, a large resort, or a restaurant chain.  Add or modify modules as required.

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