Odoo 17 is Coming Soon...

❮      Author: Sophie Scott            Published: 10/10/2023

While Odoo 17 will officially launch at the Odoo Experience 2023 next month, we thought we would give you a little insight on what’s to come with the latest version of Odoo.

A Brand-New Look

Odoo 17 delivers a new user interface, incorporating refined icons and fresh colours.  This updated look enhances visual appeal and user experience.  Users can now personalise their Odoo Home screen by easily rearranging apps by simply draging-and-dropping.


Users can enable Dark Mode – a popular feature for many on mobile phones and tablets…


New Features with Odoo 17 by App

From sales to HR to inventory management, Odoo 17 delivers an array of enhancements to your favourite Odoo apps.

The Odoo 17 search view will be way more advanced with enhanced with plenty of shortcuts to your key apps.

1.       E-sign: Streamlined Document Signing with Automated Reminders

Stay on top of documents awaiting your signature with the new reminder feature in the Sign module.

2.       Sales: Effortless Quotation Building and Real-time Customisation

With Odoo 17, you can effortlessly create quotations while visiting a customer – choosing products, adjusting quantities and modifying your sales order with them.

3.       POS: Self-Service Ordering and Convenient Mobile Payment

Enhanced customer experience by enabling self-service ordering through tablets or mobile phones. Customers can place orders by scanning a QR code, and payments can be conveniently handled.

4.       Employees: Visualise Company Hierarchy & Structures with Ease

Odoo 17  introduces a departmental org’ chart, providing a great visual representation of your company and employee structure.

5.       Appointments: Efficient Resource Booking for Company Facilities and Spaces

Efficiently manage resources and enable visitors to book various facilities such as tennis courts, meeting rooms, and restaurant tables with the click of a button.

6.       Invoicing: Improved Order Confirmation with Partial Payment Option

Improve order confirmation by requesting partial payments.  This feature allows customers to confirm orders by making partial payments, increasing order commitment.

7.       Subscription: Seamless Management of Recurring Product Deliveries and Subscriptions

Streamline recurring product delivery through subscription services.  Odoo 17 now handles recurring deliveries of storable products in your subscription model.

8.       Spreadsheet: Enhanced Collaboration of Shared Spreadsheets

Easily share snapshots of your spreadsheets with collaborators, giving them access to your reports for better collaboration and insights.

9.       HR: Automated Attendance and Overtime Tracking

Simplify attendance management and overtime calculations with the attendances and working schedule features.  Odoo automates overtime computation, saving time and ensuring accuracy.

10.   Inventory: Better Tracking with Additional Property Fields for Detailed Information

Enhance inventory management by adding property fields to store and display additional information for each item, allowing better tracking and management.

Odoo Experience 2023

From the 8-10th of November at Brussels Expo, we will discover exclusively the latest version of Odoo, and all the new exciting features to help your business grow.

To kick-start your Odoo journey – contact our team today and see how Odoo can help your business grow…Why wait, contact us today to arrange your personalised Odoo Discovery Session with Calibrate.

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