Meet Odoo 17

        Author: Sophie Scott      Published 06/12/2023 

After much anticipation, Odoo 17 is finally here, and we are super excited about it…

Odoo 17 has officially landed – yay!  Its faster, more secure and brings an array of fabulous new features and AI solutions for our customers.

Don’t worry though, your old features and apps are still there with improvements - but also Odoo 17 brings a load of new apps.

First things first, Odoo has been completely redesigned with a completely new interface, incorporating refined icons and fresh colours.  This updated look enhances visual appeal and user experience.  Users can now personalise their Odoo Home screen by easily rearranging apps by simply dragging-and-dropping.


Now let’s dive into the new features…

Industry Library

Building a database can be overwhelming, especially when choosing from Odoo’s 70+ apps.

But fear not, Odoo 17 comes a solution!  The new industry module is designed to jumpstart the whole process.  No need to start from scratch anymore; simply choose your industry from the library, and a selection of related apps will be automatically installed, already preconfigured with business flows and demo data for your industry.

Think automatically generated Website, with the right templates and copywriting, a selection of demo products in your Catalogue, customised templates, or preconfigured Appointment types – the possibilities are endless.

This is sure to be a secret weapon for our clients.

Point of Sale revamp

The Point of Sale app has gone through some major changes, the main thing being giving you and your customers options: customers can now order and pay by scanning QR codes with their phones or using a self-service kiosk.

The new Kitchen Display app is designed with kitchen staff in mind, allowing them to process each order as efficiently as possible.  Having said that, it can also be used for assembling orders placed online or preparing large orders, for example, in a furniture store.

Customising your menu has gotten much easier, with new fun features like combos - allowing you to manage the pricing of complete menus (think lunch or a tasting menu) - and improved variants.  Last but not least, a new integration with Appointments allows clients to book tables online.  It was asked for, and Odoo delivered…

AI strikes back – ChatGPT in Odoo

The ChatGPT revolution…which is now integrated ChatGPT with Odoo.  You can now use it to generate alternatives for your text across Odoo.  And if you’re feeling completely stuck, all you need is a good prompt to generate text from scratch!

The possibilities are endless.  Just imagine what AI can do for your Knowledge articles, campaigns across Marketing apps, or email templates… And when it comes to the Website app, we stepped it up even more: creating a new website or page is a breeze with auto-generated content that perfectly aligns with your business line.  Plus, the AI copywriter tool offers a range of alternative text suggestions for every need.

Website news!

Exciting news for anyone embarking on an Odoo journey: the website scraper is finally live! This new feature allows you to transform any website into an Odoo page.  Forget lengthy migrations, manual copy-pasting, and redesigning your digital home from scratch.  Just paste your website’s address and let the magic happen!

WebP format images haven’t been getting as much press as ChatGPT, but they’re a small revolution on their own.  Compared to traditional formats like JPEG and PNG, WebP images are much more compressed, which results in better page load times, improved visitor experience, and even better SEO ranking!  Why are we telling you this?  Because all images in Odoo Website are now automatically compressed to WebP format!

Other exciting features in Odoo Website include a better overview of page templates, a new header and footer design, an improved shape library, as well as tags and images for variants in eCommerce. You can also now add multiple email domains.

You may have also noticed that the customer portal, along with the front end of eCommerce, Events, Forums, and Appointments, has gotten a complete revamp.

Your sales' secret weapons

The brand-new quotation builder allows you to go the extra mile and create personalised quotations for your clients.  Include pictures, detailed product descriptions, custom messages, and terms and conditions – the sky is the limit!

There is also the improved the product catalogue – forget searching and adding products to quotations using an imperfect drop-down.  Instead, with one click, you get a complete view of all your products.

WhatsApp Integration

You asked for it, and again Odoo has delivered – WhatsApp has been integrated with Odoo!

This powerful tool needs no introduction but let us walk you through the possibilities it offers in Odoo.  The range of operations includes sending Sales Order confirmations, shipping details, invoices, payment links, Point of Sale receipts, Event reminders or tickets, or customised messages from Contact view.

Last but of course not least, you can receive and respond to any other types of messages, making customer relationships stronger than ever!

Supply chain

The new Manufacturing Order Overview centralises all relevant data, including the component status and reordering options.  It makes replenishment super easy, and you can even compare vendors directly from the dynamic report.

The new Shop Floor app replaces the Tablet View and is an absolute game changer for work centre operators.  Once a Manufacturing Order is confirmed, it’s displayed on the Shop Floor, and the operators of each station can follow all types of work instructions with minimal effort.  And with a simple tap on the touchscreen, the data in your DB is perfectly updated!

And now there is an even better way to handle manufacturing orders – this time, using a barcode scanner, or any mobile device.  Simply scan the used components, and everything is updated!  You can now automatically print barcodes as soon as they as scanned.  

Employees, Attendance, Payroll & all things HR

The Employee module has been redesigned, including a new hierarchy view, as well as Attendance, making it easier and more user-friendly than ever before – the handy little button that we added looks innocent at first, but it allows you to check in from anywhere, thus revolutionising the way Attendance works.

New apps: Meeting rooms, Frontdesk, To-do

Last but not least, there are two fabulous new apps: the Meeting Rooms app which includes a display mode to show the current and upcoming meetings planned in the room.  It’s also possible to book the room directly from the display mode, for example, from a tablet next to the room’s entrance.

If you ever invited a guest to visit your business and had them wander aimlessly in the lobby or even get lost, then the new Frondesk app is for you!  Once a guest arrives on site, they can check in, notify the right person, and even request a drink - all using one deceptively simple mobile app.

Remember the Notes app?  Don’t be surprised if you can’t find it! This handy little app has been transformed into To-do, a simple but powerful tool designed to boost productivity.  Any To-do can be converted into a Project task, allowing you to organise your days even better! 

With Odoo 17 the possibilities for your business are endless – get in touch with our team today to learn how we can help you on your Odoo journey…

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