Meet Odoo 16

     Author: Sophie Scott            Published: 12/01/2023

Odoo 16, the best Odoo ever

The release of Odoo 16, is the fastest, most beautiful, and most intuitive version of Odoo to date.

Improvements and developments to many existing features, plus more business intelligence, brand new reporting for stock/MRP, an entirely front-end website app, an overall performance increase, and much more.

So, without further ado, let's take a look at what Odoo 16 has to offer…


Greater Performance, Greater Simplicity

Odoo 15 was already fast.  But guess what?  Odoo 16 is even better.  You can open an invoice from the backend 3.7 times faster and eCommerce pages load 3.9 times faster – meaning you get paid faster while end users have a much better experience on your front end.

Say Goodbye to Accounting Woes

Get rid of accounting headaches with one of the best real-time accounting apps on the market – with Odoo 16 everything is clearer and cleaner, making the process even faster.

Can’t get enough accounting analytics?  The new analytic widget on invoices makes analytic distribution, analytic plans, and analytic distribution models a breeze.  You can now break financial reports down and analyse them according to analytic accounts and plans.

And that’s just the beginning.  New features also include; credit limit warnings, recurring invoices, early payment discounts, and more!

When Dashboards meet Spreadsheets

Let’s be frank, reporting dashboards are very tedious to use.  But now all dashboards can be converted into Spreadsheet-based reports.  

Odoo Spreadsheet becomes the first open-source solution that lets you edit sheets collaboratively, and import/export Excel files seamlessly – supporting tables, charts, frozen panes, hidden columns and rows, and 200+ functions!

Complete Website and eCommerce Solution

Improvements to the UI and UX of the Odoo Website and eCommerce apps mean these are now directly accessible by clicking on the app icon.  No need to go through the Website app dashboard anymore.

All menus also got revamped to make everything more intuitive. Products, loyalty programs, etc., can be reached in one click.

Knowledge Sharing Made Easy

Have you ever wondered how to manage your company knowledge?  How to create an internal document that can be read and edited by your team?  Is it possible to create a copy of an article or duplicate its whole hierarchy?  Is it possible to do all of that without using several external solutions or labyrinthic folder structures?  Well, the answer is yes to all of them!

Odoo 16 comes with a new intuitive app named Knowledge.


This app allows you to create or duplicate articles and their hierarchy to share your company knowledge and even make it customisable by everyone internally and remotely.

You can literally manage your whole business through the power of Odoo - the best and most cost-effective business solution for SMEs and start-ups.

Odoo 16 can help your business grow in many ways, all of which we can help you implement with ease.  Calibrate ERP helps you on the pathway to success through Odoo business solutions...

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