Calibrate: Odoo Experience 2023

        Author: Andy Scott      Published 29/11/2023

The coolest systems journey for companies from one to 50,000 users (now there’s a mission!)

Upon return from the Odoo Experience, I had a call with a client too busy with meeting customer demands for their high-end Whisky, to commit resources to going live with Odoo as planned.  A very positive call from a key stakeholder’s car phone – declaring commitment to automating all processes in early 2024.  Little did I know that the CEO was in the passenger seat with surprise updates on Odoo Experience….

“… I was speaking to my neighbour at the weekend, he is an investor and likes to stay ahead of opportunities to do more for less…He told me he was at Odoo Experience, and that it was a really cool laid back and informative few days to get to know more people in the Odoo world and learn what is happening moving forward with the latest version.

I told him we are implementing Odoo, though I am not hands-on enough to know what is happening, but it was good to know that we are on the right journey with Odoo and you guys….”

A very pleasant start to the working week (smiley face).

There were many exhibiting partners giving insight into what Odoo is bringing to them and their customers (including us with Donna from Thrive).

Too many highlights for a single blog, but here are some delivered by Odoo CEO Fabien that resonated most with us for the UK:

1.       Shopfloor data collection

Making interaction from mobile devices on the shopfloor slick, with real-time updates to the individual manufacturing order and master production scheduling.  If changes are required at a workstation e.g., scrap or an additional nut and bolt, then this is done at the time rather than creating administration for the shopfloor.

2.       Industry Templates

It was exciting to hear of the configurations for specific industries/customer types. This makes it quicker and more cost-effective for demo’s and workshops, and new clients adopt their industry best-practice – instantly.

Odoo is adding 30-50 in 2024, and the partner community will deliver even more.

3.       Look and Feel

Even more user-friendly view, with short cuts; auto-translate for instant communications on-line with clients using their preferred language.  A much clearer.  I love the screenshot Fabien used, with a clean swipe at the multitude of apps that you otherwise have to pay for, maintain and try to join together.

On usability, it was inspiring to see the neat integration with ChatGPT – e.g., call for text to describe your products and it does it for you.

That is great for the version 17 website too – with a favourite AI tool giving you all the descriptive text and the brilliant collection of royalty free graphics – quicker slicker websites managing pictures – auto adjust for mobile devices. And a big one is that it takes next to no time to replicate your current website into Odoo 17 – making transition easy.

4.       Accounting

This is a blog in itself – coming soon (I am not an accountant – our new F.D. is).  There was very good coverage of the improvements in deferrals and accruals, and new fantastic, automated reconciliation.

The power and flexibility of the new version of Analytic Accounting makes management accounting and financial close a thing of joy (apparently!!!).

There was also rapturous applause for the extra flexibility on reporting and the improved EDI connectivity – a big time-saver for the finance team.

5.       Multi-Channel Sales

It saves time when you join things together…

Odoo does all the work in-between.

6.       Multi-Channel Communication

Managing communications in one place – and incorporating WhatsApp, VoIP, Outlook/google, text messaging, incorporating video conferencing and live chat, is all there in Odoo 17.  SharePoint is good, but the Odoo communication Hub covers everything in one place at one time, with Knowledge Management, Chatter, Discuss and intelligence to connect related communications.

7.       Hospitality

It was great to see the joined-up front and back of house for bars and restaurants – features with picture orders from table side – straight to kitchen instruction and payment – then QR code for mum to order an extra coffee and more ice-cream for the kids from her phone.

 8.       Human Resources

No need for specialised HR systems with Odoo – there has been enhancements to Appraisal, Timeoff, Employee, and a really nice touch on the very flexible Org Chart, which Fabien demonstrated.


When recruiting, Odoo can now automatically classify criteria directly from resume.  Managers see who is working from home today – who will be in the office, and you can now clock in/out from home.

Another really nice touch is the front desk registration – want a coffee?  And there is now a meeting room app for your busy workplace.


Readers wanting more, please let us know and we will let you know about the Tech, the Hosting, how much more functionality is delivered more cost-effectively than any of our competitors.  Explore Calibrate services here


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