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By Andy Scott • Managing Director

Calibrate is the only Scottish Odoo Partner.  But what does that mean?  There may be others that have Scottish Clients, there are plenty of Scottish companies servicing Scottish businesses with other ERP Solutions. 

Calibrate wants to be a key consideration for growing Scottish businesses – we want Scottish businesses to succeed.  Yes – we have implemented many projects elsewhere, and we are in the process of opening offices in the North-West of England to service across the UK.

The team has worked with and for other Odoo Partners, and enjoyed a great deal of success – so why did we decide to open our own Odoo partnership?  In brief, we love what we do, and we want to deliver results to our clients directly and share the rewards of mutual success.

We currently work with small companies that are starting to grow, or companies looking to scale up. 

We have all been involved in large projects for big companies – and maybe that will happen again sometime – but for now, we are focused on small to medium-sized operations.

We have established a great partnership with Odoo Gold Partner Sapentia – this is so we can combine our Odoo skills and experience, broaden our geographical reach, and help each other on all sizes of Odoo implementation projects.

We are a blend of old and experienced and young and dynamic.  We stick to the same project methods, and combine them to make sure we deliver results like the perfect marriage!  We may not always agree, but we have a common set of objectives, and we will harmonise our differences to achieve our goals.

Choosing a new system to run your business is like choosing your life partner – your business time together might not be eternal, but you set off thinking it will be.

You start off with the cute and sexy Xero or QuickBooks and bring Shopify in for e-commerce and HubSpot for marketing.  You spawn many spreadsheets that do exactly what they are told when they are young, but when they get older, they become unreliable, unmanageable, unpredictable process commanding teenagers – that think they know everything.

Time to step back and look at what you want to achieve as a business, and select the partner with the right tools to help you get there.  You want to hold on to your sexy tools and join them together using specially written bonds, it keeps things familiar but can be expensive to maintain. 

You will need counselling, but it is safe to break away from partners that were so attractive when you were young. 

It’s not easy, but you’ll get over it.

What type of partnership can you expect with Odoo from Calibrate?

The first thing to recognise is that we are in this project together, looking to achieve the same objective.  We have invested time in Odoo Enterprise, and we will work with you to invest time in implementation.  The first thing for you as a company is self-awareness –know who you are and why you are doing it.  We are not all perfect – sometimes we can improve the way we run our business, and sometimes we do things which are now completely pointless and unnecessary.  Be open to change that will improve results.

Together, we will deliver what you are looking for by automating your core business processes, to help you on the next step of your company's journey.

We are a small company – we can only help companies that want our help and our solutions. 

We will provide an ROI analysis with you, looking at some key business processes and current system deliverables to the business.  If we can’t provide a 100% return on investment in 3 years – we will not engage.  Our success is determined by your success.

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