The Life of a CPO (Chief Procrastinating Officer)

Let's start Tomorrow

By Andy Scott • Managing Director

The Procrastination Way...

Here is a take on the top five reasons why we do not do the things that just might take our business to the next level, making us more scalable, more profitable, and offering more and better to our clients:

The top spot goes to…

Familiarity.  We know what we do now.  Our business tools might not be the best, the most efficient, or the most productive, but we know how they work, and we know their limitations.

And in Second place…

Doubt.  We do not think we are capable of learning new ways of doing things and learning new tools, new ways, new processes.  ‘New’ might work for others, but would it work for us?

In third place…

Fear.  What happens if it doesn’t work?  Our customers don’t like change.  Our team does not like change – they have familiarity with the way we do things, and some might even leave if they have to make changes.

In a close Fourth, (and the one we hear most often at Calibrate, as the top three are often not shared.)

We’re not ready.  We are too busy running the day-to-day business.  We know it is important to develop the business and get new tools to help us do it, but we haven’t got the processes ready yet, and we are hitting a busy time.  I reckon we will be ready in mid-September – we can start then… Tomorrow and Tomorrow and tomorrow creeps in at this petty pace from day-to-day, To the last syllable of recorded time; And all our yesterdays have lighted fools. The way to dusty death.


Motivation.  Business is growing steadily, we have the tools we have, and we use spreadsheets to fill all the gaps.  You’re asking me to invest resources in something new that does not directly generate more money – I would be as well investing in a new production line; new people; a new delivery van….

The Calibrate Way

We started Calibrate in May 2022, with years of experience implementing systems for the companies we worked for.  Our objective, in doing it ourselves, is to add true value to our clients in Scotland and the North of England – helping them to help their clients by doing what they do better, faster, and more cost-effectively. 

We have welcomed new clients and helped companies make more of their investments in their ERP solutions.

We wait for people to contact us, when they are ready to invest in ERP.

In previous years, we have witnessed so many objections to implementing new solutions, that we pretty much stopped proactive marketing.

A recently read report from Deloitte guided readers in how an ERP journey works.  Starting with reference to a Gartner report that estimates 55-75% of all ERP projects end in failure.   Endless large IT projects in the Public sector, with lean, agile, fully risk-assessed methodologies, spectacularly fail, or at best simply never deliver.  Hence, they don’t deliver much in terms of confidence – fuelling procrastination.

Greedy software and service companies with more focus on their share value than the value they are delivering to clients have not helped either.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is meant to deliver end-to-end process automation. 

Now it means a choice between:

  • Escaping Revenue Passage
  • Ever Recurring Projects
  • Expensive Resource Planning

The business psyche has moved from implementing a solution that will help the business get better; to a PROJECT that will be - over time, over budget and under deliver.

To help the CPO, we are working on a ‘Risk Modeller’, so that we can quickly and accurately assess, if and when, we can deliver the desired results, and specify exactly how much it is going to cost.  We are using the Odoo Implementation methodology to help, along with assistance from a very effective and realistic business advisor.

In the meantime, we are offering our services on a 100% fixed price basis, to help lay the foundation building blocks of our customers’ business growth.  Taking a Big Bang approach has a massive impact on the business – think about these building blocks and take it one step at a time – one for Inventory – another for E-Commerce – Operations – Finance, and so on.  It makes it so much easier to start – don’t think about when you should start – just start and let us help you work out how, later.

No one likes change, the fear of the unknown can often outweigh the benefits change can bring.  We are here to help you through the process, delivering results and growth for your business. 

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