Pricing for Small Starts and Scale Ups

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By Andy Scott • Managing Director

We have put together some pricing scenarios for start-ups and scale ups wanting to use Odoo to help them on their business journeys.

To help climb that initial hurdle of expenditure, we only take a 20% deposit and split the service costs over very affordable monthly payments.

It starts at very small, with an example of three user subscriptions – it could be one, or as many as you need.  Hosting included.  No customisations.  Single Company – but you can do whatever you want from the 82 modules available.  We have tailored a service package that will get you started.  There are loads of self-learning elements you can use, and the support time from Calibrate will get you started, assist your efforts, and give you the initial building blocks to build your business.

If you are starting a little bigger, or have taken the first few steps on your journey – you are best to move from those spreadsheets, that website and bookkeeping software to a completely integrated solution.

The example here has 6 users, there is a dedicated server, we have the Multi-company option, and the option to make changes to standard Odoo as required.

The next example takes us up to 15 users.  This will be a bigger start-up or a scale up where the processes are established, and typically we will have a website, some inventory, bookkeeping and CRM.  The software typically comprises disparate solutions and spreadsheets.  

To get started, keep the solutions that you are happy with, for the time-being, and focus on using Odoo to address processes that are causing growth challenges or pain.  Transition to Odoo when the time is right for you, in the knowledge that the building blocks you start with will join together with all of the future areas that you transition to Odoo.

This last example caters for the slightly larger company that is looking to start with a new solution across the business, and has concerns about the starting costs and the impact the ‘Project’ will have on the business.  We are using some real-life experiences of businesses that have moved from disparate systems that evolve as the business has grown to taking that fearful leap into a solution that joins all of the processes together, saving time, reducing errors, and setting the foundation for the next step forward; AFFORDABLY!

The examples are for illustrative purposes only, VAT is not included, and an initial scoping discussion is required before confirming the starting point for your company.

We are available to provide further insight of converting headline pricing into the reality of how much an Odoo project will cost you.  We are working on a whitepaper which provides greater depth on the Odoo Return on Investment model – if you would like a copy, please email us at:

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